How To Transition At The End of The World (2023)

Independently published gathered essays

How To Transition At The End of The World is an independently published book of gathered essays from 14 trans authors surrounding body modification and gender euphoria. The format of this edition is image and text based, combining personal testimony around experiences of bodily autonomy & modality, healing processes, and the semiotics of queer body modification. The first edition of 20 is bound with piercing jewelry and printed using a risograph printer.

Above are 8 enlargable pages (click) from the publication. Out of respect for my contributors, I have only made my writing and images used in the book accessable on the web.

These books are tradable and giftable, but should not be used for capital gain. The next edition will be availible in 2024. If you are trans and interested in recieving a copy, email me using the contact tab of this website to be placed on a waitlist.